Termite Extermination

We provide both residential and commercial Termite pest control services .

Termites consume anything that contains cellulose, including wood, paper, leather, fur, feathers and other natural materials. Books, wallpaper and wood framed houses are favorites for Termites.

Termites are always looking for more munchies.  They will eat everything, reception furniture in an office to pretty oak cabinets or furniture and bookcases.  A vinyl pool liner that touches the ground is even fair foraging for termites.

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Our interior treatment includes:

Our exterior treatment includes:


To prevent termite infestations, Core Pest Solutions can provide you with high quality termite services and solutions for your individual needs. Our team can apply a termite-proof barrier under and around the structure of your house. This barrier will hold off any termites in the soil around your home.

Discovering winged termites indoors almost always indicates an infestation warranting treatment. Core Pest Solutions mission is to help you solve this problem. There are many home and business owners in Arizona who share the same inconveniences and suffer the same damages to their property due to termite infestation.

There is an increasing population of termites in commercial and residential properties, causing billions of dollars of damage every year. Because of this termite and pest control is becoming a very important and serious business.

To completely eradicate a termite problem you will require more than just a can of pesticide. A fully mature termite’s nest will have a minimum of about a million termites crowding in a nest and by using a pesticide to kill them you might just make your problem worse. If you disturb the nest, our professional pest control unit may have some difficulties in locating the termites after they had scattered around your house.

We are aware of how something as small as termites can bring so much trouble. That is why our company’s mission is to make your home and business free from such detrimental animals and insects. We are a pest control company that cares. We know how important your home and business is to you, as well as your families health and security. That is why we make sure we provide the best possible long-term answers to your concerns. In fact, to assure you of the reliability of our termite services, we provide an annual agreement that will make sure your home gets checked on a regular basis.

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